Taste of Brazil

What's Tapioca?

Tapioca is a good alternative to bread and wraps, gluten free and a source of fibres. They are also a good option for vegans, and for kids with certain allergies.

The New Bread

Tapioca is a well known ingredient in Brazilian cuisine. The tapioca flour is a naturally gluten-free font of complex carbohydrates, therefore a great alternative for those who are allergic to gluten, and an excellent source of energy for a healthy diet, if eaten with moderation.The tapioca flour provides a unique texture to the crepe: it’s chewy and crunch at the same time, making it difficult to compare it with anything else. Whenever you call it a breakfast sandwich, Brazilian taco, cassava flatbread or tapioca crepe, we all have to agree that this is an unique food experience.

Tapioca Benefits

  • Easy and quickly digested
  • Pure source of energy - high on carbohydrates
  • Source of zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese & potassium
  • Good source of some valuable B-complex vitamins
  • Low in fat and sodium
  • For the planet, as sustainable practices are used by cassava farmers.
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